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The carbon fiber body of the Polestar 1 represents the first time that the Volvo Car Group has explored carbon fiber construction. is lightweight material, common to supercars, gives the car three significant advantages: a substantial body weight reduction, an increase in torsional stiffness of 45%, and a lower center of gravity. "When you combine this strengthened framework with the super-strong body and roof structure, you get a stiff and communicative chassis which translates driver input into superb driving characteristics," said Christian Samson, Head of Product Creation. e use of carbon fiber also contributes to the optics of the car, allowing for a lower roofline, which results in a sleek and slender profile. The Polestar consumer experience revolves around a unique subscription model, where customers will be able to subscribe to their Polestar car for two or three years. Linked to a host of connected and on-demand benefits like pick-up and delivery servicing, the no-deposit, all-inclusive subscription model has been designed to take the traditional hassle out of vehicle ownership with one monthly fee that includes insurance and maintenance. Purchasing the car outright will also be an option. Polestar on-demand services can be easily ordered online or through the Polestar app and added to the one monthly invoice. As an example, the company cited a customer needing the short- term use of a roof box for a ski trip. At a time and location specified by the owner, Polestar will supply, fit and subsequently remove the roof box, adding a small incremental usage charge to their monthly invoice. At the end of the contract, the customer simply returns the car, or Polestar collects it and delivers their next Polestar experience. Polestar will then refurbish the vehicle and prepare it for a secondary subscription as a high-quality pre-owned Polestar car. "Our vision is that the Polestar subscription model and services that we will offer will define the Polestar brand as much as our cars will. Services that exceed the needs, desires and expectations of the premium performance car customer are at the heart of Polestar, removing the inconvenience of ownership and allowing customers to purely concentrate on the pleasure of driving a Polestar car," said Jonathan Goodman, Chief Operating Officer of Polestar. All future Polestar cars will feature a fully electric powertrain. Currently in the engineering phase, Polestar 2 will start production later in 2019 and will be the first battery electric vehicle (BEV) from the Volvo Car Group, delivering higher volumes than Polestar 1. Polestar 3 is in the finishing stages of design and will be a larger SUV-style BEV, sitting between Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 in terms of volume and pricing. sl For more information about Polestar, visit 35

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