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NOV-DEC 2018

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of interstate warehousing. It also showed the possibility for shopping center development in the immediate vicinity of these new highways with possible major increases of commerce. Furthermore, the city is home to the Indiana state capitol, with its beneficial side effect of recession-proof employment to balance out the general economy. e hinter- land in all directions is fortified by fertile crop lands, creating additional commercial opportunities. Finally, by checking historical climate data I ascertained that temperature extremes were not severe enough to hinder year-round sales, so important in the automobile business. In total, all data gave evidence that Indianapolis was the best choice at my avail. Indianapolis is hard to beat when it comes to operating a business, as well as offering high quality of life in a more laid- back, Midwestern social environment. Now with our undiminished faith in the prosperous future of this area, we are presently investing substantial sums in a major expansion of our modern facilities, to double the size. e crucial decision for expansion is based on our overall belief that the U.S. economy will always grow, even after occasional temporary setbacks. In other words, we believe that the forces of American capitalism will always gain the upper hand in America. e scheduled completion in the summer of 2019 will give me—and my successors, my daughter Linda, her husband, Paul Pettenaro, and their son, Gregory —the wherewithal to provide a unique customer experience beyond reproach. It will truly dovetail the age-old Mercedes-Benz corporate slogan, coined long ago by Gottlieb Daimler, the inventor of the automobile: THE BEST OR NOTHING (Das Beste oder Nichts) Most significantly important and paramount to any other considerations, I humbly say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AMERICA. You have welcomed me in and allowed me to assume your citizenship. Nowhere on earth would it have been possible to create a similar accomplishment. You bound no shackles upon my energy, nor did you hin- der my path. You gave me free rein to pursue the American dream, but you also gave me no safety net. And so it shall be for all those intrepid souls willing to roll up their sleeves and callous their hands. ONLY IN AMERICA. THANK YOU. THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES, AMERICA. Gratefully yours, Horst Winkler World Wide Motors, Inc./Mercedes-Benz, North Mercedes-Benz of Indianapolis, Downtown

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