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here more than three decades ago. Back then, my father manually downshifted our VW camper van into a lower gear and then waged a battle with speed and gravity as my sister and I whimpered and hid our heads under pillows, quite certain that a plunge off the side of the mountain was imminent. In stark contrast to my past experience, Cullinan takes the uphill battle out of going downhill. Depressing the hill descend button on the center console automatically adjusts speed and breaking; using up and down buttons on the steering wheel allows you to adjust speed in 1 mph increments. At no point did I detect even a hint of slippage on the exceptionally steep gravel road. While we didn't forge any streams, I was told that Cullinan delivers the deepest wading depth of any super-luxury SUV. While driving was certainly exhilarating, it was equally satisfying being a passenger. Skirting the boundary of Grand Teton National Park was ideal for the large side windows and panoramic glass roof. During a pit stop to ogle a moose and her calves as they munched on vegetation in the Snake River, the presence of Cullinan was enough to divert attention away from the natural wonders to a manmade one. Cullinan offers two rear seat configurations: Lounge Seats or Individual Seats. The Lounge Seat configuration in "my" Cullinan is presented as the more functional of the two options, providing space for three passengers in the rear. Other journalists experienced the opulence of the Individual Seat configuration; the striking Optic White leather in this variant obviously geared towards customers prioritizing luxury over practicality. e two individual rear seats are separated by a fixed rear center console that incorporates a drinks cabinet with Rolls-Royce whisky glasses and decanter, champagne flutes and refrigerator (the velvety 'Magic Carpet Ride' nearly ensuring that nary a bead of bubbly will bubble over on bumpy roads). Speaking at a post-drive champagne reception with Rolls- Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, his eyes seemed to sparkle as he recounted glancing up and seeing the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament silhouetted against the equally majestic Tetons. "It is my first time in Jackson and I can't imagine a better place to introduce Cullinan to the world," he commented. He went on to state that orders from existing Rolls-Royce customers began to come in as soon as the SUV was announced, but before design sketches were even made public. "Our clients are very loyal and trust us completely." He added that the goal of Cullinan is to broaden the customer base of the 114-year-old marque by evolving to meet the demands of adventurous, well-traveled and well-heeled patrons of true luxury. While Rolls-Royce didn't invent the SUV, with Cullinan they have certainly redefined and refined the sector. "We didn't come to the party first," said Carter. "We came when the time was right." sl 43

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