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As growers enter October, activities will speed up, as the majority of red varieties ripen and begin to come in. Viticulturists closely monitor grape phenolics to ensure that harvest occurs at exactly the right time and once the pick date is set, vineyard crews spring into action. It's a well-choreographed operation that Napa Valley growers wait for the entire year – it's show time. Napa Valley Vintners board member and Favia winemaker Andy Erickson, who works in multiple nested appellations throughout the Napa Valley, said that after a month of picking white varieties, reds like Cabernet Sauvignon are just starting to come in and that the recent cool weather has been extremely beneficial. "e first reds that we're seeing, the color, the aromatics, the acidity, it's all there," said Erickson, who added he is delighted about the potential for even further development of fruit still on the vine. "Now that it's officially fall, that's when you get some really interesting late-season flavors." Erickson and several other NVV members have also reported strong yields. Overall, a very balanced growing season has vintners extremely optimistic about the 2018 harvest. A new vision for Mouton Cadet Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, Chairman and CEO of Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA recently announced that Mouton Cadet is reimagining the way it selects parcels for grape production, the taste of the iconic Bordeaux, and also the look and packaging of the famed bottles. He visited New York, Miami, and Las Vegas to herald the relaunch the new Mouton Cadet portfolio in the United States, more than sixty years after it was first introduced to American wine lovers. e company aims to make the richness of the prestigious Bordeaux terroir accessible to a wider audience, offering both authenticity and quality with the Rothschild name as the hallmark of French savoir-faire. "The process of reimagining the Mouton Cadet portfolio encapsulated years long efforts that will now result in a new chapter for the brand," said Philippe Sereys de Rothschild. "While consumers know the dedication of our winemaking family to excellence, the recently renovated Mouton Cadet portfolio will provide the opportunity to experience our family's heritage in an accessible way, while taking a new terroir-driven approach for the grape selection that we are convinced Americans will rediscover and love." Reinvigoration initiatives, coupled with Philippe Sereys de Rothschild's vision for the next chapter of Mouton Cadet, which was created in 1930 by his grandfather, have helped to refine the wine's signature style, making it even more smooth and round while remaining true to its origins, as elegant and refined as ever. The portfolio will be featuring both red, white and rosé wine - underlining the skills of the Mouton Cadet winemakers in the art of blending, capturing the ideal balance between fruit and freshness on one side and elegance and structure on the other. sl Napa Valley Harvest. Photo by Bob McClenahan Harvest in Anjou-Saumur, one of the five wine-making areas of the Loire Valley in France. Photo by Interloire. Philippe Sereys de Rothschild 57

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