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NOV-DEC 2018

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For designer Huse, the greatest challenge of the entire project was presented by the living room. "It is such a big room, so it became all about creating spaces within the space," she explains. "Fortunately, they had a baby grand, which occupies an entire corner. Adding the beams helped define the area better and bring everything into focus." An elegant, undulating fireplace constructed by Jeff Ware Concrete also provides a functional point of reference. To create the impression of solid stone, a special dry concrete was hand-packed into molds. e result is a porous finish, with approximately 85% the weight of limestone. Additionally, oversized furniture lends some much-needed heft. "We used to have tiny rooms at our old house, and therefore smaller furniture, so we needed bigger pieces to work with these larger spaces," says Jenny. To the best of our recollection, this is the first time we have featured a home with owners, builder and designer who were all friends prior to the project. "It's easier working with someone you know," says the designer. "You understand their aesthetic. But it's a double-edged sword; you don't want to make your friends unhappy." Flexibility is key, she continues, which is why she enjoys working so much with the builder. "Scott's very adaptable. He's like khaki pants; he can work with anyone." Whatever everyone may be wearing next time, we're certain that we will be featuring more from this exciting designer-builder duo in future issues. sl 75

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