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For the past 25 years, since its inception, I have been a client of The National Bank of Indianapolis, and since we debuted this magazine in the Indianapolis market, the bank has taken care of our commercial business, too. rough thick and thin, including a major recession, e National Bank of Indianapolis has stood by us, and has helped guide us through some pretty dark times as well as the good. ere is something reassuring about being just a couple of blocks away from a trusted face and a real person with whom you can discuss your affairs, as opposed to a distant crackly voice from half a world away. I have always supported local businesses, and am proud to be a supporter of this now venerable institution. Today e National Bank of Indianapolis stands as the largest locally owned national bank in the metro area. One of the 350 largest banks in the nation, the bank has a staff of 340, operates 13 centers, and has more than $2 billion in assets. Its corporate headquarters is still located in the same historic downtown building the bank has occupied at Market and Pennsylvania since day one. At the start of the 1990s, following an intense period of mergers and acquisitions in the banking industry, a mere seven massive Midwestern corporations controlled more than 80 percent of Indianapolis' bank deposits. e ramifications of these changes reached beyond central Indiana bank accounts and mortgages; in addition to removing familiar names from building fa├žades, this wave of consolidation also removed financial resources from the marketplace, philanthropic contributions from area nonprofits, and key decision makers from the community. In December 1993, as local banks across the country were disappearing, a group of 18 Indianapolis businesspeople, led by cousins Mickey and Morrie Maurer, decided to buck the trend by launching a new community bank with $14 million in capital and a single banking center. Because the new venture was going to be locally owned and operated, the founders were confident it would be a success, with a focus on delivering superior service to its clients, and on supporting the greater Indianapolis community. "The National Bank of Indianapolis is truly a one-of-a-kind institution," said Regina Laux, First Vice President & Manager, Private Banking. "e private bankers are very experienced and have local decision authority to help clients with their whole financial picture." Privately owned, as opposed to publicly traded, with the vast majority of its 600 shareholders residing in Central Indiana, the bank has seen its share price grow from $10 on opening day to $108 as of June 2018. The board of directors is composed entirely of local citizens, who ensure that e National Bank of Indianapolis focuses on what is deemed best for area residents. "e bank genuinely cares about our clients and the employees of the bank," continued Laux. "It is very impressive and very rewarding to work for a company that truly cares in this way." Offering private banking, wealth management, corporate and nonprofit banking services with a personalized touch, e National Bank of Indianapolis is now the 12th largest Indiana bank in the state. Its continuing motivation was summed up by Morrie Maurer this year, as he accepted United Way's coveted Spirit United Award on behalf of the bank: "Indianapolis is our home," he said. "We live here, work here, play here. Our employees are proud to volunteer, give and lead others to the call of service." We live here and work here, too. I bank in Meridian- Kessler. "People allow us to truly be a part of this neighborhood," said Sean Hillier, Bank Officer and Assistant Manager of my branch. "We share in their joy and their success, and our staff tries to help comfort when the times are tough." I think I speak for the neighborhood when I say that we sleep so much better at night knowing that our fortunes, large and small, are in such good hands. sl For more information, visit Written by Jeffrey Cohen THE NATIONAL BANK OF INDIANAPOLIS CELEBRATES 25 YEARS e bank's original board of directors 22

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