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My wife, Jen, and I, like many couples, are sufficiently similar in enough ways to be compatible, but sufficiently different in other ways to represent a pleasing diversity of opinion. In business, we are both organized and well-disciplined, prerequisites if you are going to be successfully self-employed and responsible for your own schedule. When it comes to our personal lives, however, our leisure activities resemble a Venn diagram where about one eighth of the circles intersect, mostly around our family. For her part, Jen enjoys formal occasions—openings, galas, dinners and the like. It's nothing for her to attend three or four magazine-related events a week, something I would find challenging. I love to cook, especially for a crowd, and tend to do so by the seat of my pants. Jen prefers to set the table, arrange the flowers and polish the silverware to make sure that, however simple the gathering may be, the evening will be memorable. Her vacations are similarly structured: she adores architectural tours, VIP visits, dressing for the theater and generally sucking out the cultural marrow, so to speak. For me, by contrast, the perfect restful holiday would involve an hour at the gym, a lengthy coffee or three kibitzing with new friends and acquaintances, window shopping, strolling sidewalks and enjoying the best of local gastronomy. For more than a year, Jen and I considered a destination celebration for our 15th wedding anniversary, in November of 2018. Venice and Paris, both ultimate romantic getaways, topped our short list. As neither of us is scuba certified, and Venice tends to get a bit damp that time of year, we settled excitedly upon the City of Lights, and began planning well in advance. In accordance with our own cultural interests, we thought it would be fun to divide our vacation equally between the Left and Right Banks. For Jen there would be the Louvre, the Pompidou Center and the stunning architecture. For me, the multicultural Latin Quarter, coffee shops and cobbled streets beckoned with the promise of bohemian pleasures. Inspired by our forthcoming trip, I surreptitiously purchased a fanciful painting of Paris that I had seen Jen admiring at the Penrod Arts Fair the year before. Let that sink in. ere I was, Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky, hatching a plan for a gift-giving ceremony 14 months in advance. I have to admit I was impressed with myself. (I delivered the piece to Jen, as planned, upon our return from Paris as both an anniversary gift and a memento of our trip.) As so often happens in real life, our well-laid plans took a few detours, and we found numerous unexpected pleasures to occupy and enthrall us on both banks of the Seine. I was thrilled by the Picasso exhibit at Musée d'Orsay, and even more so by a private tour of Baccarat that was a highlight of the trip for Jen. For her part, Jen found herself completely at home in an upscale patisserie on the Rue St. Honoré and was suitably stunned (as was I) by a couple of Michelin-starred brasseries in the 1st arrondissement. Both of us had a blast at the late night Féerie show at Moulin Rouge, a pleasant surprise indeed, as we had no idea what to expect. Next time Jen and I celebrate a major milestone, maybe we'll take a less structured approach. Perhaps we will discover that after 20 years we have even more in common than we thought. Maybe we shouldn't wait another five years to find out. I hear Nice is delightful in the spring. Jeffrey Cohen From the Editor-in-Chief 30

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