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at awkward moment when the server brings an extra-tall wine glass for you, a tulip-shaped one for your dining partner, and narrow ones to the next table. It makes you wonder if you've been doing it wrong all along. Why do wine glasses come in so many styles? How do you know which kind to use? Does it really make a difference? " T h e w o r l d o f w i n e g l a s s e s c a n s e e m i n t i m i d a t i n g ," acknowledges Gabe Geller, a top sommelier and Director of Public Relations for Royal Wine. "e varieties are endless. e truth is, it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be." Red, white, rosé, sparkling, or dessert wine? It's all about physics, says Geller. "e bowl of the glass is designed with surface area in mind. Red wines generally need to breathe, so a fuller, rounder bowl with a wide opening is preferable. Whites stay cooler in bowls that are straighter on the sides." Rosés can be served in white wine glasses because the two are produced similarly. But, says Geller, there are glasses made specifically for rosés. They have shorter bowls that are slightly tapered and sometimes have a flared rim. "e rim affects the way you sip," he explains. "e flair helps direct the wine directly to the tip of the tongue." Tall, narrow glasses, sometimes called flutes, capture the carbon dioxide in sparkling wines, keeping the bubbly bubblier. e smallest of them all is the dessert/fortified wine glass, designed to send the sweet sip directly to the back of the mouth. Differences within the differences Serious oenophiles may insist on subtle variations within the basic categories above. A pinot noir, for example, would be served in a balloon-shaped glass, while its more rarified red cousin, the grand cru, is best featured when sipped over a flared rim. A wider mouth VESSEL ADVISEMENT Written by Vicki Jakubovic 56

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