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A sommelier simplifies the wine glass selection process. helps release the bold, acidic qualities of full-bodied whites, whereas a smaller mouth holds the delicate aromas of light whites. Glass or crystal? In theory, crystal is preferable to glass. Geller says the biggest advantage to crystal is its mineral content, which makes it durable enough to produce very thin stemware. is allows for a smoother flow into the mouth, not to mention a clearer view of the wine's color and viscosity. But does it affect the taste? Some insist it does. According to the website Wine Tasting Reviews (, "e best explanation offered so far is that crystal is rougher than regular glass and this roughness creates turbulence in the wine which, in turn, causes more of the aromatic compounds in the wine to be released." But for most people, the main difference between crystal and glass is cost. Geller assures us it's perfectly acceptable to serve wine in a regular glass made of glass – preferably one that's clear, un-etched, and uncut to better see what's inside. Again, it's easier to enjoy your wine when you're not worried about breaking your valuable crystal. If you had to choose just one type of glass… Many in the industry share a healthy skepticism when it comes to amassing a collection of "perfect" glasses for every type of wine on the market. Geller agrees. "ere's no reason to think you'll ever be judged by your stemware," he says, "and you don't have to be a professional sommelier to choose the right glass." In fact, you can get by with one set (or two if you like to serve bubbly). Geller recommends a thin glass with a large bowl that narrows at the top, ideally holding about 13 oz. of wine. "A good universal wine glass is perfectly suitable for anything, from a summer afternoon rosé to a vintage Bordeaux," he says.. sl 57 Riedel's handmade lead- free crystal Superleggero Series wine glasses ($99/ each;

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