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MAR-APR 2019

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On our third and final night, Jen and I enjoyed an extraordinary meal of Dover sole (yes, the real thing) outdoors on the patio at La Petite Maison, a celebrated culinary hotspot close to the bay. Patronized by what appeared to be a primarily local clientele, this well-established restaurant is possessed of a certain old-school hauteur that could not be further removed from the "hello, my name is…" school of hospitality. We were there for the food, however, not to become friends, and the food, without doubt, was truly stellar. A strolling band that Jen swore might have hailed from Appalachia provided the entertainment, along with a frisson of the surreal. Heading to the airport the following morning to pick up "duty- free" designer goods for Jen's pals (she had been given a list) prior to our long flight back to Indianapolis, we were already compiling our "best of " lists of moments and places to share with friends. Having barely scratched the surface of the riches that Provence has to offer, I am confident we will return before too very long to explore further. sl For more information, visit and Vivid Mediterranean color abounds on Nice's sunny terraces. 93

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