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MAR-APR 2013

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Curating a Lifestyle: Taste of Home Written by Amelia and Jef Jefers Tis fne miniature blanket chest earned a western Virginia attribution due to the distinctive stylized fower motif found on other inscribed pieces from the region. Te exuberant decoration and fne, untouched surface make this example a stand out. It sold at Garth���s for $41,125. If the taste of mint brings back memories of days at the Derby, you have probably spent some time in Louisville. From Cincinnati? Te thought of a ���Four Way��� chili may fll you with the warmth and sweetness of a Saturday night family dinner at Skyline. Is your idea of barbeque a thick sweet sauce poured over spare ribs? Yep, you must be a St. Louisan. And, who doesn���t associate the wonderful favor of jambalaya with New Orleans? Drive down the main street of any city or town, and you can usually identify a local cuisine or culinary favorite - simply by looking for the local eatery with the most cars in the lot. Tune in a bit more to your surroundings, and you should notice architectural distinctions that speak to the early history of the area. If you are lucky (and, it���s a Saturday night), you can pop 34 into a bar and catch the latest tunes from a hometown music sensation. It is the cumulative efect of these tastes, sights and sounds that contribute to the identifable culture of a region. In the world of art and antiques, these characteristics manifested in construction and design elements that developed shortly after settlers in a region overcame basic survival concerns. Some collectors are willing to pay top dollar when they fnd a work that exemplifes a region to which they identify. Often, as appraisers, we are asked: how do you know where it was made? Determining the origin of a piece of furniture, pottery or painting is not so diferent from associating a favor with a region. Like food, architecture and music, the material culture (all the ���stuff ��� people use in their daily lives) is often

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