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Not long ago, the Cohens were surprised upon our return home to find maroon-and- gold balloons and a maroon foam hand on the front porch. ey were accompanied by a handwritten card bearing a warm message from a senior welcoming our daughter, Gracie, to Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School. As an alumnus of Brebeuf myself (as well as e Orchard School, which our two kids currently attend), her acceptance was wonderful news, immediately bringing back emotions and memories. Gracie is rigorous, disciplined and punctual beyond her years. If she gets a homework assignment on Monday that's due on Friday, she's finished by Monday night. As such, my wife, Jen, and I believe Gracie is a perfect fit for Brebeuf. We're Jewish, but there's something about the rigor and intensity of a Jesuit education that seems perfectly in sync with our beliefs and values. When I started there, Brebeuf was a boys-only institution, staffed by strict and fearsome teachers. In spite of a dress code, we still tried our hardest to look like scruffy teenagers when the staff weren't looking. It was only when girls were admitted in my sophomore year that we started to regularly brush our hair and teeth in order to make ourselves more presentable. My guess is that since my time things have softened a bit on the disciplinary front, but I'm sure the academic standards remain undiminished. Although I don't believe I'm the kind of father who's obsessed with shaping his children in his own image, enabling Gracie to attend a college preparatory school not only helps set her up for success in the future, but also peripherally provides Jen and me with some of the continuity and legacy that bring validation to the parenting process. I should explain: Jen is very much her own woman, but when it comes to education, she's been impressed by the things even a so-so student like me learned at Orchard and Brebeuf, so she's always wanted those traditions for our kids as much—maybe more—than I have. My education was the greatest gift my parents gave me, and now it gives us untold joy to be able to provide the same opportunities I enjoyed to our (more-deserving) children. As Gracie leaves behind her formative experiences at Orchard and heads towards her defining years at Brebeuf, I can't help but wonder if she'll experience this same lovely circle with her own children. If I'm still around, I'll pat the grandkids on the head and regale them with tales from the good old days. "When I was your age," I'll recall, "there were no girls in school. We didn't even brush our teeth before we headed out the door in the morning." Jeffrey Cohen From the Editor-in-Chief 30

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