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MAY-JUN 2019

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Public spaces in the main house highlight Blue Chip artworks from the owner's personal collection. Some are instantly recognizable, like a pair of monumental works by Joan MirĂ³ bookending the fireplace in the gathering room, while others that weren't created by household names are equally beguiling. Per the owner's directive, you won't find identifiers near any of the artworks to prevent a sterile gallery aura from permeating the haute-homey environs. Counted among the communal areas for guests within the main house is a single massage room, and a compact and very well-equipped gym overlooking the heated pool. An exquisite mosaic-tiled sauna and steam room with a cold plunge pool is quite an elaborate amenity for a property of this size. It took one year to painstakingly place the 1.2-million mosaic tiles. A library, formal and informal dining areas and covered terraces in the main house provide plenty of room for guests to lounge in privacy. Taking a moment to study the level of detail inherent in each space underscores both sumptuous and subtle details, such as the replication of the property's logo in the hefty ceiling molding. While the overarching aesthetic is eclectic, discernable touches of sparkle are sprinkled throughout, from the silver metallic threads in the plush Feiler chenille bath towels in guest villas, to crystal sconces and chandeliers in the main house. Mother Nature is even in on the act, as the calm waters of the bay shimmer in the sunlight. In spite of the upscale accoutrements, this is not a place that takes itself too seriously. Waiting to be discovered throughout the grounds are a pair of larger-than-life-sized sculptures of bulldogs donning sweaters, a 15-foot-tall bronze King Kong tucked into the trees, oversized anthropomorphic vases, and a splatter-painted cow sculpture placed alongside a hiking trail, among other whimsical creations. Guest villas with oceanfront terraces are clustered to follow the gently curving contours of the Helena Bay beach. In-room backpacks stored in the walk-in closet are pre-filled with essentials for a day on the trails, including a water bottle, a property map with a guide to local flora and fauna, and a pair of Leica binoculars. Waiting outside the entrance of each villa are pairs of wellies sized for each guest, so that inclement weather won't scuttle any planned exploring. Each villa's super-sized bathroom incorporates mid-century-inspired accent tiles, and a complete suite of Alton Brown products, including room fragrance and a jasmine face wash. A well-stocked minibar features a complimentary selection of New Zealand colas, juices and snacks. A pair of monumental works by Joan MirĂ³ bookend the fireplace in the main house's gathering room. 44

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