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MAY-JUN 2019

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Originally commissioned by Kim and Sherrie Colby, who owned Colby Antiques, the plans had been drawn by Sherrie on a napkin and, according to Campbell, "required very few changes." Designed to reflect the more colorful and flamboyant side of French Country living, the home was decorated in vivid tones, with plenty of yellow paint and orange tile lending a sunshiny Mediterranean feel. Now with a more neutral palette, where wood floors take the place of terracotta tile, the home offers a cleanly sophisticated (yet lived-in) look, with what the builder refers to as "a kind of warm and livable Santa Barbara feel. It's still a European- style house; it's very today, yet it's also quite timeless." While a number of aspects of the home were modified, others, such as the custom-made Amish kitchen cabinets, were retained for both their utility and their exquisite craftsmanship. Va n D e r Sn i c k a p p re c i a t e s h i s w i f e's a b i l i t y t o c re a t e a n environment that is at once functional and aesthetically pleasing. "It is really amazing to be married to such a talented designer," he says. "Dawn can easily create a vision for a home with functional and design features that fit our lifestyle." Prior to the renovations, when one entered via the front door, it had not been possible to see through to the kitchen and living areas in the rear with their great vaulted ceilings, so the decision was made to remove the dividing wall and open everything up. e ground floor is loosely separated into numerous smaller, more intimate spaces, defined by groupings of furniture rather than by walls. Massive ceiling beams further contribute to the sense of delineation, without providing any restrictive boundaries. Walking in through the front door one now gets an impression of a merging of styles that is part old world, part new, where French Country mansion meets Californian beach house. 69

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