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MAY-JUN 2019

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In addition to the aforementioned marrow bones, which are served with fennel and pear, diners will find some other less commonplace ingredients spicing up their meal. "One of our most popular dishes is our kimchi meatloaf," explains General Manager Joe Hibbert. "It also features our ai ketchup for a little kick and a housemade apple-yuzu jam that balances out the dish with a touch of sweetness." Elsewhere, such humble root vegetables as parsnip and turnip provide a welcome change from the ubiquitous spud. Potatoes are not entirely ignored, however, making an appearance front and center in a couple of decadent poutine dishes, a dietary staple of our neighbors to the north. As far as sauces are concerned, a variety of jams, emulsions, purées and gastriques take their place alongside more traditional pan reductions. Flavors are bright, lively and pure, and ingredients are first-rate, as we have come to expect from CRG. 88

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