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Meals each day were full of memorable and hearty local fare. During a picnic atop a glacier, Atli presented us with samples of kleinur, an Icelandic pastry avored with cardamom (which I loved), as well as •sh jerky (which I would say is more of an acquired taste). We feasted on fresh-caught langoustine the cozy Fjöruborðið restaurant and farm-fresh lamb at Skalakot. Because pre-planning on the part of the team at Classic Journeys is thorough, those with dietary restrictions were amply accommodated. "Iceland is one of those places people may only go once. We want to make sure they are getting a real immersion while they're here," said Edward. Our last day came with the option to explore the continental divide in Þingvellir National Park— a UNESCO World Heritage Site—on foot or by oating. I chose the latter, which allowed me to snorkel in some of the world's purest water, leaving me feeling as if I were oating on air above Silfra, the •ssure that designates the separation of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, which continue to move apart at a rate of 2.5 centimeters a year. De•nitely not for the faint of heart, the water temperature hovers just above freezing (hello ice cold facial!), and there was quite a lot of e˜ort involved in stu™ng myself into the dry suit, but I wasn't about to miss the grand •nale of an action-packed trip that made me feel like a traveler and not just a tourist. For more information, visit sl Getting ere: e sudden closure of WOW Air this past March stranded passengers on both sides of the Atlantic and grabbed headlines around the globe. Intrepid travelers needn't fear, as Icelandair, which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2017, o•ers transatlantic routes from 24 European and 21 North American gateways. You can even make a day trip to Iceland an add-on to a broader European adventure with a range of distinct Stopover campaigns, all for the price of a †ight ticket. Icelandair passengers can call the Buddy Hotline for personalized planning of their stopover. And, you won't mind getting to the airport two hours early when you have access to the comfy and chic Saga Lounge at Ke†avik Airport ( Riding Icelandic horses on the gentle slopes of the Eyja›öll mountains 39

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