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focus and courage – but I knew there was more I could do. We started by exposing the audience that was building around our story to important social issues and asking for help to make peoples' lives better." Brinkerhoff began researching social problems in the countries she was rallying through, •nding that child tra•cking was a significant issue across the Americas, where she was participating in two rallies: Mexico for the La Carrera and Peru for Camino del Incas. Looking at the racing calendar, Renee noted that similar issues are found in Asia, where she will race on the Peking to Paris Rally in June and July, and also in East Africa, where she will be racing in late 2019 as part of the East African Safari Classic Rally. "Understanding the scale of these problems and how a lack of transparency and education keeps children in danger from exploitation and tra•cking, we reached out to some of the agencies on the ground in our target areas, to •gure out ways we could help by pooling our resources," she explained. During each rally, Valkyrie Racing gives •nancial support to carefully vetted charitable e'orts active in preventing or intervening in tra•cking operations and restoring victims of tra•cking. "ese charities provide education, rescue victims, provide legal assistance and travel funds to repatriate victims and nurture and counsel them after their rescue, for a healthy and productive future. Brinkerho''s goal through Valkyrie Gives is to bring comfort to those in need, working to identify children at risk and working to secure and protect them. E'orts have included funding tra•cking investigators and rescuers and obtaining the latest technology so that charities can match the traffickers on a technological level. Valkyrie Racing is proactive in rural communities, taking rain boots to remote Quechua communities in Peru, and using the opportunity to educate children on their right to be safe, and when to report issues to trusted authority •gures. Learn more about the exciting story of Valkyrie Racing and follow Renée Brinkerho''s progress on the team website at sl 41

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