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JUL-AUG 2019

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46 Bibliotaph... Road Trip Compiled by Victoria Chase e American charm of Robert Frost's iconic poem is paired with impactful images from the mountains of New Hampshire to the streets of India. Available in October. Robert Frost—e Road Not Taken: e Classic Poem in Words and Photographs— hardcover, 224 pages, Cider Mill Press ( Since the early 2000s, an explosion of interest in Volkswagens with original paint, rust and patina have inspired a generation of car fanatics. Once looked upon as needing restoration, these vehicles, especially within the global Volkswagen community, have gradually become more popular than restored cars. ese rare, unspoiled survivors tell a story of an interesting and varied past. is book takes an inside look at key car builders, dealers, celebrities and hobbyists, as well as the di€erent styles of build, meaning every single car has a style all its own. Mark Walker — Patina: Volkswagens — hardcover, 160 pages, Veloce ( A celebration of life on the move, this book features vans, overland vehicles and their passionate owners as they embark on adventures around the globe. Gestalten—Hit the Road: Vans, Nomads, and Roadside Adventures— hardcover, 272 pages, Gestlaten ( e ‚rst gasoline was sold in pharmacies. As the car experienced an exponential rise in popularity, gas stations promulgated as temples of mobility. With a preface written by passionate car collector Jay Leno, this book explores the diverse world of the gas station, from functional high-tech temple to an abandoned ruin. Gestalten & Sascha Friesike—It's a Gas!: e Allure of the Gas Station— hardcover, 240 pages, Gestalten (

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