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JUL-AUG 2019

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Back in the kitchen, the new focal point of gatherings and events, the team pulled out all the stops, creating a welcoming space rich with unique design features that seamlessly merge aesthetics with functionality. Being such a large room, the kitchen could easily have felt cavernous, so contrasting elements were introduced to create a sense of intimacy. Repeating motifs, such as chevron-patterned Italian veneer, were used on the back of the thirteen-foot-long island and on the cabinets housing the refrigeration. Functional mirrored cabinets above the fridge and freezer re•ect light into the room, while the units themselves are custom-painted to match the décor. The bespoke range hood was fabricated in Indianapolis. As for the island, it is well-equipped with outlets for charging phones and computers, as well as a separate coffee bar at one end, for which a dedicated water supply was plumbed, so it is never necessary to •ll the co ee maker. -e bar also dispenses sparkling water for those who prefer bubbles. The sink, a five- foot behemoth, is so large that it requires two sets of faucets, and comes equipped with a collection of inserts that range from a cutting board to a taco prep area to an ice chiller for serving shell•sh. A built-in pullout shelf provides instant access to the blender for the family's daily smoothies. Boutilier says that projects as encompassing as this one define her own purpose. "If I have had a part in creating joy, peace, and order in a person's life, I have met my life's mission that I incorporated into Cornerstone. Create. Serve. Love. If we have done this, there isn't anything else to be done." With its extraordinary attention to detail and highest possible standards of workmanship, this exquisite remodel combines the contemporary with the timeless. Further proof, if it was ever required, that one does not need to travel to the coasts to find designers and artisans of such exceptional quality. Everything we could possibly want is right on our doorstep. sl 73

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