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Tere are certain moments in time when you feel really and truly alive. Standing at the base of Lion's Head Mountain high above Cape Town, South Africa, just as the sun was making its debut for the day, was one of those times. I stood with my travel mates in complete silence, as there seemed to be an unspoken understanding that words would merely muddle the beauty of this fleeting moment. Below us laid the sleepy, sprawling metropolis, whose periphery is lapped by the frigid Atlantic Ocean. To the right, a dense blanket of fog danced across the surface of Tabletop Mountain. Tough completely random, the intersection of the curling fog and the strengthening sunbeams created a beautifully choreographed display of light and shadow that kept our mouths agape at the raw beauty of what our eyes were privileged to behold. Daylight firmly upon us, we set off for the top of Lion's Head Mountain. As I contemplated the sheerness of the cliff face, marked by chains and footholds, I speculated that clearly South Africans have a vastly diferent view than Americans do of what qualifies as an "easy" hike. I'd initially signed on for the journey to South Africa in the hope that I would get the opportunity to cage dive with Great White sharks, but my disappointment in learning I would not be doing so was quickly tempered by breathtaking adventures such as the one that my height-averse brain was telling me not to do. I didn't come 8,000 Exploring from sea to sky in Cape Town, South Africa CAPE EXPECTATIONS Written by Bridget Williams 36

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