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JAN-FEB 2016

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"Sangiovese holds a special place in my heart," says Pizzi. "It changed my life in so many positive ways. I think of Chris as a son. I'm proud of him and the man he's become. I'm especially thankful Sangiovese is Chris' now and so important to him and his family." Sangiovese's new digs are a little smaller than the former location, creating a slightly more intimate atmosphere, which is considerably enhanced by the room's black-themed décor. At night the space becomes cool and relaxed, the open dining room compartmentalized into pools of light. Jazz and other music dampens the sound from the hard surfaces, creating an animated atmosphere that manages to be simultaneously intimate and cozy. Italian restaurants tend to be hit-or miss in Indianapolis, with many content to remain frozen in the 1950s checkered tablecloth Chef Boyardee era, as if the post-war era didn't really happen. Others fall so far from the mark that it is hard to recognize that the food they are serving is actually Italian. Te charm and appeal of the Gino Pizzi school of Italian restaurant (and that of his protégés) has always been its understanding and implementation of modern but classic recipes. Gamberi Alla Griglia 86

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