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JUL-AUG 2012

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From the Editor-In-Chief I never know what I'm going to hear when I check my voicemail. A recent case in point is Toni Bader. Let me tell you a little more about her. It all started when I came into the office on a Monday morning and, wouldn't you know, the first call was from a woman who clearly let me know she had a gripe. "I want to register a complaint with the editor about an article in the May/June issue." Now I'm very proud to be the editor of this magazine; it's a post I cherish and a responsibility I take seriously. So when a reader, a subscriber, an advertiser – well, anyone – calls or writes, I, personally, get back to them right away. I called Mrs. Bader the same morning and not without some trepidation. "Let me have it," I said after a few minutes of small talk. And boy, did she! Toni had read our story about Late Harvest Kitchen, and enjoyed it "immensely." So she and her husband decided they'd go there for dinner. But, she was irritated that nowhere in the story was there an address, a web address – not even a phone number – for the restaurant. Indeed we'd spoiled what would have been a lovely evening out with Mr. Bader; and we should get right to fixing that problem. It was one of those V-8 moments. Why hadn't I thought of that? I assured our loyal reader that henceforth there would be information about every restaurant we feature. You can check that out in this issue – and on our website: Toni, it turns out, is a font of such "gripes." And I got a "twofer" during that first call. "I really like the author; I'd like to know more about him." Another fist to the forehead moment. Te epicurious scribe whose words set your mouth to melting is Neil Charles, a passionate cook with a strong background in classic French cuisine, a Certified Sommelier, and quite simply the finest food writer I've met. So, thanks to Toni, in an upcoming issue, you'll learn more about Neil, as well as meet his colleague Andrew Kung, who makes magic with his camera and this magazine a twisting kaleidoscope of colors. I loved Mrs. Bader's feedback. All of us at Sophisticated Living think we've received a PhD in customer service and great ideas. I look forward to more of them. And to anyone who gets a call from Toni Bader registering a complaint, here's my advice: listen and learn; your business will be much better for it. I pride myself on responding to every comment and especially every criticism. I truly believe that's the only way we'll get better – and I don't want Sophisticated Living to be anything less than the best. See my phone and e-mail below. Got a gripe? Let me know. And, PS, we like kudos just as much as brickbats. Jeffrey Cohen, Editor-in-Chief 317.660.4455 30

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