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JUL-AUG 2012

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Te pineapple was a symbol of wealth and sophistication in eighteenth century England Stepping into this extraordinary cottage-style guest house in Indianapolis' exclusive Williams Creek district, you might be forgiven for imagining you had just wandered into a seaside retreat in the Hamptons or Cape Cod at the start of a weekend of swimming, tennis and seaside revelry. Unostentatious, yet generously proportioned, this purpose-built slice of New England has been designed with entertaining in mind. Although physically connected to the family's principal residence, the assigned functions of these two unique buildings don't necessarily intersect. Designer Julie Boutilier loves surprises, and she assures me on our hour- long tour that she is going to save the best surprise for last. Initially that seems like a tall order, because here there's a surprise around every corner: some clever, some witty, all enthralling. In an era when so many self-styled "great" houses are merely big, and impress only with their square footage and daunting room count, the Cottage impresses with a myriad of nuances and airy, classical proportions. It also puts to rest the old adage "they don't build them like that anymore." Boutilier and architect Bill Sickmeyer have proven that yes, unequivocally, they do. 70

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