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JUL-AUG 2012

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Te subterranean gymnasium features a full-size basketball court complete with Indiana Pacers, Indiana University and Butler University motifs. Glass features heavily throughout: in the main "white" bathroom, the countertop is made from a new material produced from recycled glass, while the cabinets are faced with mirrors to maximize the light in this already dazzling space. In another bathroom, a shimmering mosaic of recycled glass tiles decks the walls, while the front of the vanity (from Golden Apple Fine Furniture and Accessories, Boutilier's own brand) whimsically changes color electronically when one enters and exits the room. A mirror in a third bathroom is framed with fragments from an antique mirror, creating the impression of burnished bronze, a theme elaborated upon by the rich hue of the glazed nickel twisted knot motif handles. We pass through guest bedrooms, entertainment areas and gaze upon intricate tile work and impeccable fixtures. Tere's so much more to see, but the tour is drawing to a close. True to her promise, Julie has saved the biggest and best surprise for last. Descending a stairwell past a long, oddly opaque window by Indiana artist Greg Tompson, we pass into what at first glance seems to be a memorabilia room of sorts. Trough a door, and we're suddenly looking down onto a full-sized basketball court, complete with twenty-seven foot acoustic ceiling, and commercial warehouse lighting. It's impressive enough until you realize that the windows high up in the ceiling are in fact at ground level and that the whole thing is subterranean. It's only then that you begin to wonder where all the soil went. sl 79

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