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"Channeling Miles" has become shorthand for the creative groove that Turk has inhabited. It began with fragments. Working off photographs of his original drawings, Turk borrowed elements and stretched them, painting and layering, layering and painting. Her first piece, titled The Joint, was sent to the Davis family, who raved and passed it along to Glasper. It's now the cover art for Glasper's new album of remixes from the Davis archive, Everything's Beautiful. Turk has since moved on to the large-scale paintings that will anchor the Chicago exhibit, as well as a series entitled Chateau Marmont. Created on the hotel's signature stationery—an idea Turk had while on a pilgrimage to the hotel for this project—each piece is a vital narrative, capturing the scenes, moments, characters, musicians and loves that orbited Davis throughout his lifetime. "My uncle was a forward-thinker," says Wilburn. "He was always evolving, never looking back." Back in her studio, Turk has become emboldened. "I'm hearing colors that I've never heard before," she says, surrounded by the sketches and inky gestures made by her protagonist. "I hear contrast, I hear texture, I hear composition. If I'm listening to Kind of Blue, it's about movement and energy—movement of the brush, movement of my body, the weight of the line. Miles was a master jazz composer. He was also so good at composing a page. e way he would place things. ey say he was a genius because of the way he used space, the notes he didn't play. It's the same with the spaces on his drawings. I am learning so much from him." sl The Next Level BadAss: Miles Davis & Francine Turk pop-up exhibit takes place Sept. 21 from 7-10PM and Sept. 22 from 10AM-6PM at the Chicago Illuminating Company, 2110 S. Wabash Ave., 312.326.9500. A panel discussion featuring Turk and members of the Davis family will kick things off Sept. 19 at Soho House Chicago (Soho House members only). Appointments for private viewings at Francine Turk's studio can be made by calling 312.547.9000 or emailing "Miles is the thread that ties everything together," says Turk of the inspiration behind her e Golden read series. Shown here: Four oil on raw canvas paintings from the Next Level BadAss: Miles Davis & Francine Turk exhibit 45

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