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NOV-DEC 2016

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"The idea about thinking about how you want to live is a wonderful question to ask," the architect says. "Taking that question and working through it with your clients is quite the experience. I always tell them that the first ideas I bring, however excited I am, never make it off the table." The final design may be the end result of numerous iterations, each assigned an alphanumerical code. "It's great to get clients who appreciate the iterative process," he observes. Sensitive to the home's history and aesthetic attributes, the Lacys were keen to create a seamless continuum from the old to the new, and to incorporate as many of the important features of the original design as possible, while opening the building up to facilitate a more modern flow. "e big "aha" for us was the front gable," White recalls. "We stretched it and turned it. Although there is a lot of square footage added to this house, we did so in a way that we did not out-scale any roof slope or height or proportion." By way of further examples, the molding panel in the breakfast area is inspired by the exterior of the original house, as are the stately columns that march down the hallway, providing definition between the various living spaces. In the newly added areas, careful attention was paid to scale and detail, with Charles George Ramsey's Architectural Graphic Standards providing invaluable specifications concerning the correct proportions throughout the remodeling process. "ere are also contemporary aspects to this home," White says. To facilitate the family's togetherness, yet to preserve the definition of the home's traditionally assigned spaces, White created a circular path on the main floor through the dining room, the kitchen and the butler's pantry. He added a "vertical circular path," which incorporates the communal study area on the second floor, which along with the kitchen and seating areas below, is bathed in soft natural light from a large cupola and lantern in the roof. e breakfast room offers comfort and simplicity. 74

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