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NOV-DEC 2016

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Having written about or reviewed well over 100 restaurants in the past decade or so, the one thing I have seldom felt the urge to do is compile a list of the best of this or the best of that unless specifically requested to do so by my editor. Lists are wonderful for many things, shopping for instance, but they inevitably fail to convey the disparate and seemingly unrelated aspects of dining that on rare occasions might coalesce to form a truly memorable experience. So when a few weeks ago I sat down for dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse at Ironworks, and cut into their 16-ounce, bone-in pork chop (from a humanely-raised Berkshire pig), cooked to a perfect medium-rare, I thought it might well be time to compile a list of "Best Bits Of Meat I Have Ever Eaten" because this single, perfect chop would without doubt rank close to the top. If 86th Street is too long a drive for city dwellers eager to taste what is arguably the finest piece of meat in town, fear not, for this exemplary cut is also available at Ruth's Chris' downtown location, as is a comprehensively revamped bar menu. Originally debuting in 1996, and renovated in December of 2008, Ruth's on South Illinois Street has in recent years faced increasing competition in all directions from both new restaurant openings and various long- established rivals. For multiple franchise owner Larry Griggers, the decision to undergo a larger, more fundamental renovation in September offered the opportunity to address both the ageing d├ęcor and a rejuvenated clientele. With a flood of younger, food-savvy consumers moving into the downtown neighborhoods, Griggers felt it was necessary to speak to the restaurant's changing demographic. "An updated environment is going to attract a younger and more casual clientele," he explains. "ere are a lot of new people moving into downtown, and we want them to feel that this is the neighborhood place they can come to after work." Written by Neil Charles Photography by Andrew Kung and Kelley Jordan REFIRING THE SIZZLE Ruth's Chris gets a faceli 86

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