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MAR-APR 2017

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1 Photography by Amy Rose OPENING NIGHT AT SELLS GROUP LOF TS On Nov. 23, the Indiana Pacers game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse served as a backdrop for the grand opening of the Sells Group Lofts. Sells Group executives, VIPs, celebrities and media joined Pacers President Rick Fuson in the ceremonies. e lofts consist of 12 theatre boxes and 14 loge boxes on the south side of the Kreig DeVault Club Level. Each box seats four, with a total combined capacity of 104 in the exclusive new space. e theater boxes provide private mini-suite accommodations including oversized chairs, iPads and charging stations, and direct access to an exclusive dining area and lounge. e loge boxes offer a modern, open design with flat screen monitors, ergonomic executive chairs and granite countertops. Guests in both areas enjoy an upscale all-inclusive food and beverage experience along with a concierge, bartenders and personal-service attendants. 1) Donna Wilkinson, Bill Benner, Tom Rutledge, Barry Gibson, Derek roneburg, Justin Ramquist 2) Back row, left to right: Kayla, Boomer, Kimberly, front row, left to right: Arbara, Brooke O 3) Tom Hutchinson, Boomer, Heather Hutchinson 4) Todd Taylor, Herb Simon, Rick Fuson, Steve Simon, Mel Raines 5) Willie Pritchard, Angel and D'Shawn Henry 6) Robert Dirks, Julie Boutilier 7) Luke Aikin, Izzy Cohen 8) Marcia Barnes, Chris Huxhold, Jason Radel 9) Todd and Shawn Morris, Terry Tiernon, J.T. Morris, Tim Morris 10) Kimberly, Arbara, Eddie White, Kayla, Brooke O 11) Rishieet Patel, Sanjay Patel 12) Marisa, Marsha and Bill Goetz 2 4 3 5 7 6 8 9 10 11 12 140

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