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e rules of social etiquette and behavior seem to be more ambiguous now than ever before thanks to the evolution of electronic communication, social media and increasingly informal American lifestyles. ese and other factors have blurred the lines of what have traditionally been considered standard social protocols. Fortunately, civility does still exist. I see kindnesses extended daily. Sadly, I've also seen plenty of what-not-to-do examples in social settings during the course of my 30-year career planning weddings, galas and gatherings. My goal here is to help clarify a few relevant and essential guidelines for modern social etiquette. Wedding season is in full swing. Keeping these three points in mind will ensure you stay in good graces as a guest: • Reply to the wedding invitation, or any invitation for that matter, in a timely manner. is courtesy is essential for your host's planning purposes. • Schedule delivery of gifts to the bride prior to the day of the wedding. Gifts taken to the reception become a burden for the couple or host family, as they can be broken, misplaced or stolen. Be sure to check the registry for address and delivery details. • Plan to arrive at the ceremony 30 minutes prior to the time listed on invitation. Nothing is more bothersome at a wedding than guests who are attempting to find seats as the bride walks down the aisle. If you do arrive late, wait patiently until the ceremony begins and then seat yourself quietly. Graciously yours, David Jackson David Jackson & Co. Contributing Comments... Social Graces 106

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