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JUL-AUG 2017

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With every square foot on the main floor accounted for, one of the major dilemmas the designers faced was what to do with the laundry room. "at was a huge challenge," Mordoh admitted. "We finally came up with the idea to have Hughey Hartman do leather- upholstered folding doors that not only look fabulous, but also soundproof everything." "Ed told me he wanted this home to be Sherlock Holmes- meets-Ralph Lauren," she continued. "I think we achieved that. is was a great project to work on. Ed had the vision to see it, and he was really receptive to our ideas. e job of an interior designer is to listen to what the clients want and make it happen. Nothing makes me happier than, at the end of the day, when a client can tell me they are using the home exactly as we envisioned it." Times change and tastes come and go. Some homes are simply snapshots of the present, reflecting contemporary aesthetics that are destined to quickly fade into irrelevance. is house is an exception, combining a classic Victorian structure, a client's vision, and an A-list team of designer and builder. We predict this open floorplan with exposed brick and modern conveniences will stand the test of time. sl 79

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