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SEP-OCT 2017

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1) Jamie Gibbs and Paco Argiz 2) Claudia Labin, Freddie and Anne Kelvin 3) John Spurgeon, Ann King, Tim Overmyer 4) Charles Venable, Shirley and Tom Mueller 5) Joan Wolf, Anna White 6) Caitlin Callahan, Molly Giles, Christa acker, Monna Quinn 7) Poolie Edesess, Vicky Ko, Carol Fosso, Lynne Iwanski, Quyen Hoang 8) Ted Logan, Becky Feldman, Ellen Rosenthal 9) Kwan Hui, Nancy Inui, Hsin Hui, Tamara Jacques 10) Karen and Donald Perez 11) David and Christina Wong 12) David and Agnes Wolverton 2 3 6 1 7 6 2 3 4 5 8 INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART LAUNCHES CHINESE PORCELAIN EXHIBIT e opening reception for "Elegance from the East: New Insights into Old Porcelain" took place June 7 at the Lilly House on the Indianapolis Museum of Art grounds. Guest curator Shirley M. Mueller, M.D. merged art and science by relating neuropsychological insights in each of the exhibit's six rooms. e exquisite 16th-to-18th century porcelains were made in China specifically for export to the West, and are on view through Oct. 22. 10 9 Photography by Amy Rose 11 12 150

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