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A sudden sensation of aloneness crept over me as I snorkeled a good distance off shore in the bay near the town of La Paz, Mexico. My suspicions were confirmed when I briefly looked out to the horizon and spied my travel mates waving to me from the boat, which was slowly receding into the distance as I swam in the opposite direction. My heart pounded out a furious beat as I plunged my face back into the water and continued my pursuit; the sound of my labored breathing through the snorkel the only thing breaking the silence in the murky expanse. Within arm's reach, a 40,000-pound behemoth, nearly the size of a school bus, swiftly and silently sliced through the hazy green water, unaffected by my menial presence. A combination of fear and fascination propelled me onward as I kicked my flippered feet with all my might to keep pace with the whale shark we'd traveled far over land and sea to find. After snapping some photos and a few minutes of video, I turned off the technology to fully experience the intensity of this once-in-a-lifetime interaction with a gentle giant. Abandoning my tandem swim when the shark took a dive into deeper waters where I dared not tread, I popped my head out of the water again, happy to find that the guide boat had circled around to retrieve me. My first trip to the Baja Peninsula could have ended at that moment and I would have been completely satisfied, but the opportunity to swim alongside a whale shark was just one of several unique adventures I was privy to as part of The Resort at Pedregal's Baja Luxploration program. As much as I'd like to keep this gem all to myself, word of the resort's unique mastery of luxury and adventure has already gotten out: the AAA Five- Diamond, Forbes Five-Star resort in Cabo San Lucas was recently named Best Resort Hotel, Mexico in the 2017 Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards readers' survey. Let's start with the location: the 24-acre resort, just minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, is accessed via a long tunnel bored into Pedregal Mountain, which General Manager Fernando Flores describes as "a psychological experience that creates a feeling of exclusivity." If the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be the expansive ocean view that gradually comes into sight once you've reached this passageway's terminus, I'm definitely OK with that. 40 A WHALE OF A TIME e new Baja Luxploration program at e Resort at Pedregal Written by Bridget Williams Beach Club family pool

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