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this equals medium-dry. No sugar will be put into the third glass of water–this equals dry. Crisp refers to the acidity in wine, and while sour carries a negative connotation, it really refers to the zippy-crisp component in wine. It typically can be sensed on the sides of your tongue. Let's take our three glasses of water again. Into the first glass of water squeeze an entire lemon - this would be very crisp or high acid. Into the second glass of water squeeze half of a lemon - this would be crisp or medium acid. Put only a few drops of lemon juice into the third glass of water - this would be low acid or not very crisp. A wine with acid will seem drier because acidity can "clean up" some of the sweetness in wine, making it finish very fresh, clean and most importantly balanced. Don't be afraid of a wine with a little bit of sweetness especially if balanced with a good measure of acidity. ere are a few wines that have a reputation of being dry but really have a touch of sweetness to them, one of them being chardonnay. Selbach Incline, Incline, Mosel, Germany 2015 The name incline refers to the severe slopping vineyards of Mosel. This Riesling has a touch of residual sugar which makes it perfect for spicy or fried foods. All the crisp acidity one expects from Riesling with the flavors of minerals, apricot, green apple and citrus. A great value. Owned by the Selbach family of Selbach-Oster fame. Monchof Mosel, Germany 2015 is is a medium bodied medium dry Riesling. Again, it is perfect for the many Asian dishes with a fair amount of heat. Medium body with lemon, lime, green apple and a touch of white peach. e Monchof Estate which is owned by the Eymaels family is a former Cistercian Abbey which was purchased by the Eymaels in 1804 from Napoleon. Pfeffingen "Estate", Phalz, Germany, 2014 This is a deliciously dry Riesling, crisp with the flavors of slate, citrus, green apple, peach and apricot. Medium framed and very long. What a perfect wine for seafood. It is like squeezing a fresh lemon on fried calamari. e label adorns a unicorn which is taken from the family crest bestowed in 1622 by Emperor Ferdinand II. Huber Traisental, Austria 2015 Yellow green color with the flavors of wet stone, white peach, nectarine, green apple, lemon zest and grapefruit. A linear, light, dry wine that is crisp and delicious with fried foods. 250-year-old family farm currently ran by Markus Huber. Austrian Riesling is usually easier to find dry and if you can't find Huber delicious Riesling do try the very good Gruner Veltliner. sl A Certified Wine Educator, Harper is one of 149 professionals in North America and 236 worldwide who have earned the title Master Sommelier. 47 A stop along the German wine route in Maikammer. Photo by Pierre Adenis Vineyards in Esslingen, one of the oldest wine-growing towns in Württemberg, Germany.

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