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JAN-FEB 2018

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Written by Neil Charles / Photography by Andrew Kung Bringing Farmhouse Glam to Zionsville ASHES TO DIAMONDS Having moved into their dream home in the Traders Point district of Indianapolis in 2009, the owners of our featured residence had not intended to relocate and build anew in under a decade, but the fates had other plans. With two minor "cosmetic" overhauls under their belt, the couple was in the process of building a sunroom and deck when disaster struck. In the spring of 2015, after an evening spent carefully oiling the brand new Epay deck, the husband had left the rags and varnish where they were, planning to return to finish the job. In a series of events that are perhaps best described as the perfect storm, the following day the oil in the rags spontaneously combusted, with flames spreading first to the tins of varnish, then to a trash can, and then to a column attached to the house. Owing to the isolation of the home, the fire was not noticed for quite some time, during which period it back-drafted on at least three occasions, blowing out all the windows and causing extensive and mostly irreparable damage throughout the structure. So catastrophic was the blaze that the Pike Township Fire Department ultimately brought cadets to survey the scene for educational purposes. Traumatized by the loss not only of their dream home, but also of most of their possessions and treasured memories, the couple moved to a condominium on Ohio Street, where they immersed themselves in downtown life while contemplating how to proceed. At one point they even briefly considered leaving town for pastures new, but as both (she a respected real estate professional and he a medical practitioner) are "huge advocates for Indianapolis," the decision was made to stay and to build in a new location. 68

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