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JAN-FEB 2018

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Under the all-seeing eye of Executive Chef de Cuisine Layton Roberts, the former Chef of the AAA-Four-Diamond Vida restaurant and the popular Mesh on Mass, Provision's menu offers a gentle challenge to traditional tastes but never gets weird or self-indulgent. Roberts' own predilection for Middle Eastern influences finds its way into a number of plates. His imaginative and inspired treatment elevates dishes that in less capable hands might otherwise seem commonplace. "I would compare opening a restaurant to having 10 newborn babies on 10 different floors of a building and having to go room to room and take care of them yourself, and then when you get the last one asleep you hear the first one crying again and the whole process starts over again for six weeks straight," he muses. "It's brutal for the first few weeks, but being able to stand back and watch it work like a machine in a few short months is very gratifying." By the time you read this, Chef Layton will be moving on to another CRG project, leaving Provision's kitchen in the highly capable hands of veteran Chef Aaron Bender. 83

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