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In our efforts to live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives, we exercise and play hard, subjecting ourselves to torturous regimens in order to reach our personal goals. Most educated people these days are aware of what they put in their body; organic food is ubiquitous, provenance is everything. Yet how many of us give any thought to what we do after all the activity is over, for those six to eight hours each night, one quarter of our lives, when we sleep and prepare ourselves to do it all again the next day? Brian Benko, proprietor of the Clean Bedroom in Manhattan and, now, Indianapolis, believes that we neglect good sleep habits at our peril. "Very few businesses have turned their attention to how important sleep is to beauty, health and well-being," he explains. "If you're not sleeping, you can't be a bodybuilder, lose weight or be creative the next day." Offering a wide range of organic mattresses, toppers, bedding and pillows, the Clean Bedroom encourages us to pay as much attention to our sleeping hours as we do to our waking. At the Clean Bedroom, all mattresses are certified organic, and are made exclusively in North America from predominantly cotton, wool and latex. "One of the most important factors contributing to a good night's sleep is temperature regulation," continues Benko. "Organic cotton and organic wool help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Combined with the right bedding, we can make your sleep a lot better." Written by Neil Charles CLEAN SLEEPING A look at organic bedding 96

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