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MAR-APR 2018

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Page 42 of 139 41 bib 'li' o 'taph, [bib-lee-uhtaf, -tahf ]: a person who caches or hoards books Between 1914 and 1950, Ellen Shipman (1869–1950) designed more than 600 gardens in the United States, from Long Island's Gold Coast to the state of Washington. Her secluded, lush formal gardens attracted a clientele that included Fords, Edisons, Astors, and du Ponts. is book outlines her major works, richly illustrated with plans and photographs. Judith B. Tankard - Ellen Shipman and the American Garden - Hardcover, 320 pages, University of Georgia Press ( In this children's book, originally published in French, vibrant watercolors by Vincent Gravé are accompanied by lively text penned by landscape designer Gilles Clément intended to teach young readers not only what's involved in planning a garden, but how plants, insects, and humans interact all year long to make the garden thrive. Gilles Clément - A Big Garden - Hardcover, 32 pages, Prestel Publishing ( For most of her career, artist Rebecca Louise Law has created massive installations that recreate the fields of flowers that delighted her as a child. is book is the most comprehensive collection to date of Law's work, including the evolution of her craft and why she uses preserved flowers as a sculptural material. Rebecca Louise Law - Life in Death - Hardcover, e University of Chicago Press (press.uchicago,edu) Using intriguing stories and stunning full-color illustrations, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, introduces readers to flowers that have been conveying message for centuries. Author Peter Loewer writes: "e language of flowers is a delightful idea. In the world of cell phones and mass communications, sending a simple bouquet that tells a tale of love and affection seems to be a great idea whose time has come again." Peter Loewer - Loves Me, Loves Me Not: e Hidden Language of Flowers - Hardcover, 112 pages, Skyhorse Publishing ( Antonio Bond, owner of Transplants Floral, an independent floral boutique in Austin, Texas, scours the American Southwest in search of trinkets, bones and other items of intrigue to work into his almost otherworldly floral designs. is book boasts 200 photographs of his most compelling creations, which are accompanied by commentary on the elements comprising each piece and the design process. Antonio Bond - Transplants: Eclectic Floral Design - Hardcover, 224 pages, Blue Star Press (

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