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MAR-APR 2018

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Giampaolo Dallara 45 "Designing the Dallara Stradale was really like transforming the dream of Giampaolo Dallara to make his own road car into a sculpture," said Vermeersch, who was named to Automobile Magazine's 2010 list of the "World's 25 Most Influential Car Designers". "It was a dream that was rooted in the timeless beauty of his Miura and fueled by a long career full of passion for the race. So, we avoided to impose a preconceived and fixed idea of the styling, but we allowed its shape to stylistically evolve during the process in a continuous interaction with Dallara's engineers, guided by a clear sense of harmony and proportions. Only in this way we could find a shape that is an absolute synthesis between performance and aesthetics." e engine, which drives the rear wheels via a six-speed gearbox (either traditional manual or automated manual using a paddle- shift system), is mounted transversely, meaning that the engine's crankshaft axis is perpendicular to the long axis of the vehicle. Supercar engineer Loris Bicocchi, who has worked for Bugatti, Pagani and Koenigsegg, was tapped to lead the chassis-development program. "For some time now, Mr. Dallara has been telling me, 'Loris, when we find the time to make our road car, I would like you to test it for us.' I penciled this in since then," said Bicocchi. e combination of weight, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics, along with customized Pirelli tires, allow drivers to reach lateral accelerations beyond 2G under normal conditions of use. Excellent control is enabled by Bosch ESP stability control systems. Bicocchi added that the car is "Fast but safe; stability, traction and braking controls seldom intervene. It is amazing because it lets you drive and does not give you anxiety; it has a great performance both on the mountain roads and on track. It has a brilliant engine, and its light weight allows for an authentic supercar performance." e interior, stripped down to the basics and awash in carbon fiber, is laid out to maximize physical contact between the driver and the vehicle. Dashboard instrumentation is driver-centric and supplied via a motorsports-style display screen. When mounting the windscreen, a special control panel cover is provided with integrated additional commands for the windscreen wipers. Though street legal, extended trips may prove impractical as storage is limited to a pair of bins accessed by removing the backseat supports that are large enough to accommodate a race helmet, as well as a small compartment behind the engine. The base price for the Dallara Stradale is approximately $182,500; add an additional $37,000 for the windshield, roof, and doors. All of the vehicles produced for the debut were spoken for at the time of the unveiling this past November, and the company says it will limit production over the next five years to 600 cars ( sl

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