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MAR-APR 2018

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Written by Neil Charles / Photography by Andrew Kung A family-oriented home embraces the modern and the traditional FAR MHOUSE CHIC Situated on a large and shady lot just north of Williams Creek, this delightfully eclectic home inhabits the footprint previously occupied by a sprawling ranch. "e home belonged to an older person who wanted to sell to someone who was going to build a single home here, not develop it into two or three," explains the lady of the house. "My husband and I have lived in the area for a long time, always in old homes and we have done a lot of remodeling over the years. Our former house on Meridian was very old, and needed a lot of work; it had four furnaces, and we were tired of the constant maintenance. is is the first time we have built a new home." Having torn down the ranch, the husband and wife decided with their two young daughters to rent for a couple of years while they finalized their plans for the 1.7-acre lot. "We saw a house on Buttonwood Crescent that we really loved, and found out that architect Mark Demerly had designed it, so we approached him to design this one," continues the wife. Enlisting the services of builder Scott Campbell and designer Linda Mordoh, the owners felt they were in amply capable hands. "We told Mark, 'we live this way, we want this many rooms, and here are some pictures from' He took our ideas and came back with a design. We loved his plan then, and love it even more now that it's finished." For Mordoh, the project presented an opportunity to work with a client who had a clear idea of what she wanted, but not exactly how to get it. "is project was so amazing to work on, with a client who liked to think outside the box and was willing to be a little edgy," she says. "e homeowners and I met every week for about a year. We worked hard to make sure every detail was perfect." 68

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