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MAR-APR 2018

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"e inspiration for this design was that it was a home for a very active family, employing an aesthetic called Farmhouse Chic," says Mordoh. "Linda got my style," explains the wife. "She does a lot of contemporary design, but she understood what I was looking for, a combination of the modern and the traditional. And she knows where to find things." ings, that is, like the bicycle-chain chandelier in the dining room and the gaslight-inspired pendants that not only provide illumination, but help define space within the kitchen. "I hadn't worked with a designer before, and I didn't know how to light spaces, and that sort of thing," she continues. "Linda knows all that. She and Scott work together all the time, so they know how to function together." If the exterior of the home suggests a contemporary country manor, the interior also recalls a time when every room had its own definition and purpose. With an easy flow between spaces and clear sightlines from the kitchen, a private cozy corner is, however, never too far away, whether it be in the charming little parlor at the front, or the sunroom to the rear. e dining room is near enough to the ultra-modern kitchen to allow ease of movement, but sufficiently closed off to prevent the clanking of pots and pans from becoming a distraction. Upstairs, vaulted ceilings lend a sense of additional space to the generous but not palatial floor plan. Here, functionality rules. "I'm not a hang-out-in-the-bedroom kind of person," says the wife. "e bathroom is the bathroom, nothing special; I'm here to get ready and then leave." With chiselled and stained floors, again by Ware, the basement, with its high ceilings, projection television, and billiards room, makes the perfect getaway. It's a home where form and function share equal billing and where, to paraphrase the wife, quality trumps size. One has the impression that all the bases are covered, providing a perfect environment for a busy family to pursue their activities together or apart, but seldom at too much of a distance. sl 75

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