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There is little or no view of the house from either water or land, and the exterior design is elegant, simple and quite unobtrusive. e structure does nothing to draw attention to itself, which makes sense, because it is not that kind of home. Once inside, however, it's a different story. This is a house with views, not just of the panoramic vista outside the massive picture windows, but within the spacious yet intimate living areas. At night, thanks to a state-of-the-art lighting system, pools of illumination highlight discrete areas of the generous open living space while plunging others into shadow. Being oriented towards the north, sunrises and sunsets can be enjoyed without the accompanying dazzle and radiant heat that might otherwise mar the experience. Throughout this magnificent abode, upstairs and down, finishes and materials are of the highest order. With extensive use of exposed wood, whether it be rough hewn or engineered, as well as the frequent use of sheet metal and iron, the tone blends urban industrial chic with a rustic sensibility to create a uniquely warm and intimate vibe that belies the building's sheer scale. With a family that includes both children and grandchildren, the Shrouts decided in 2011 to sell their Colorado vacation spot in favor of something closer to home. Because of the convenience of proximity, this four-season getaway is now used almost every weekend of the year, during which time the family can explore, relax on their boat or, in winter months, take advantage of the gorgeous indoor pool that seems to have taken its design inspiration from the fabulous grottoes of ancient fairy tales. With cascading waterfalls and constantly morphing lighting, this watery retreat is as inviting as they get, and equally as hard to get out of. "e pool was a first for us; we've designed many homes with pools, but we had never done one inside a house before," explains Wolfe. "is presented some unique challenges to the construction and required some specialized equipment, but in the end it was a great decision; the pool is integral to the home rather than being a separate element." 70

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