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the North American dealerships. Floors, carpeting and the color scheme are determined by the corporation, while the furniture, not just for Indianapolis, but for the entire country, happens to be made by Kimball in Jasper, Indiana. Dennis Reinbold, son of Dee and Dick, and now the company's owner, clearly remembers the early days. "Our first showroom was out of our back door. As a little kid I grew up in there," he says. "I remember my uncle at the motorcycle dealership would ask me to run back and forth on errands. I uncrated motorcycles, I washed cars and changed oil." Growing up on a car lot had its perks, though. "My memories with BMW run really deep. I remember once going to New York City and sitting in this huge office that belonged to the importer Max Hoffman. I was really wide-eyed about that. He gave me a tool kit that I brought back home and played with." Chatting upstairs in the executive suite with Dennis and his colleagues of long standing, Steve Baker and Frank Koeberlein, it is clear that, with half a century under its belt and seven dealerships in the Indianapolis area, this company did not get where it is today without hard work and great people. "We so appreciate our loyal employees, some of whom have been with us for decades," says Dennis. "I've enjoyed watching us develop as a company and really get better." is year Dennis will be hosting a dinner for his entire staff. "It's fun to get everyone together to celebrate how fortunate we are," he continues. "When we moved to this location in 1986, there were 13 of us. Today, eight of them are still here." Sales manager Baker, a 30-year veteran, clearly still relishes his work. "I love it when people come in to look at and talk about cars. Buying a car is about more than a price and a commodity," he explains. "People still value doing business with someone who is going to give them the advice they need." With a hugely successful business, a new building and a racing team, not to mention a top-notch staff, Dreyer & Reinbold has a lot to look forward to in its next 50 years. sl Racing driver Davy Jones, who, with teammate John Andretti, drove this BMW M3 in the late '80s. 97

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