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JUL-AUG 2018

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1) Greg Matuszak, Marta Piñeiro-Nuñez 2) Fernando and Marcia Falcon, Jesus Morales 3) Matthew Will, Janet and Sam Sato 4) Bruce Bryant, Alicia Hervey 5) Yvonne Shaheen, Paul Montgomery, Julia Saltsgarver 6) Bart and Amy Peterson, Sally and Kyle Lanham 7) Emily Krueger, David Willkie, Laura Taylor, Tara Sciscoe 8) Carey Dahncke, Cheryl Wendling 9) Jen and Donald Knebel 10) Chris Blice, Jennifer Simon, Jon Edwards 11) Linda Simon, Shari Simon Greenberg 12) Yandel Rodriguez, Chris Nicholas, Natalie Guerra, Katie Dolen 13) Jan Williams, Priscilla Mingle 2 3 6 1 7 6 2 3 4 5 8 CHR ISTEL HOUSE ART SHOW Jennifer Simon welcomed more than 60 guests when she hosted the Christel House Art Show May 11. e event was co-hosted by the firm of Blice Edwards. Student artists from Christel House Academy South and Christel House learning centers around the world created original artwork for the live auction. International guests at the event included Adrienne Marais, the Chief Executive Officer of Christel House South Africa, and Jesus Morales, a graduate of Christel House Mexico. Jesus shared a personal and emotional success story of how Christel House is breaking the cycle of poverty for impoverished children. 10 9 Photography by Amy Rose 11 12 13 114

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