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JUL-AUG 2018

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Reflecting Wirth's unwavering commitment to excellence in all areas of the guest experience, there is a calculated thoughtfulness to the service. One afternoon I left my sunglasses on the entry table in my room, and when I returned they were polished to a shine with a signature Hassler cleaning cloth neatly folded alongside. A cold water and a fresh towel always magically appeared within reach at the apropos moment when I visited the 3rd floor fitness studio within the Amorvero SPA. A lovely terrace can be accessed through the fitness room, and the view will take your breath away if your workout hasn't already. The Hassler's location makes it the ideal spot for both strategic sightseeing and agenda-less ambling. On one morning, just after the dawn of a new day had broken above the ancient rooftops, I stood on the hotel's seventh floor terrace, which is reserved exclusively for guests, and observed the puffs of steam curling up from the surrounding chimney tops, signaling that while the calendar pointed to spring, Mother Nature was still rendezvousing with Old Man Winter. Within minutes, I was standing at the top of the Spanish Steps, the travertine still wet with dew and wonderfully void of the crowds that would soon be arriving en masse. My companions on that early morning included a lonely laborer, tasked with cleaning up the previous day's mess, and a pair of young Eastern European girls, giggling as they shared a split of champagne and a sandwich for their unconventional breakfast. It is a wonderful thing to feel like you have the Eternal City all to yourself, even if just for a fleeting moment. Taking full advantage of this window of opportunity, I quickly moved on to a lap of the exquisite nearby Borghese Gardens, already bustling with fellow early rising walkers and joggers, followed by quick stops at both the Trevi Fountain and the amazing Pantheon, making it back to the Hotel Hassler in time for breakfast service in the elegant Hassler Bistro at Palm Court. sl For more information and reservations visit Campo de' Fiori Daytime view from Imàgo e Fontana del Pantheon is located in front of the Roman Pantheon in the Piazza della Rotonda. 36

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