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Page 44 of 135 43 bib 'li' o 'taph, [bib-lee-uhtaf, -tahf ]: a person who caches or hoards books In November 1922, Howard Carter's archaeological expedition uncovered the intact royal seals of King Tutankhamen, buried in the 14th century BC. Photographer Sandro Vannini began working in Egypt in the 1990s, documenting murals, tombs and artifacts, using a time-consuming and multi-shot technique that reproduces colors in their original tones. Vannini's images are accompanied by texts penned by leading Egyptologists. Sandro Vannini — King Tut: e Journey through the Underworld — hardcover, 448 pages, TASCHEN ( is decidedly not-for-kids illustrated A-Z celebrates the many faces and facets of the legend that was Prince. Prince A to Z is densely packed with everything you need to know about the legendary performer, from the greatest hits of trivia to the most obscure B-side facts. Steve Wide (author), Alice Oehr (illustrator) — Prince A to Z: e Life of an Icon from Alphabet Street to Jay Z — hardcover, 56 pages, Smith Street Books ( Based on an original, limited-edition folio by Gustave Eiffel himself, this book presents design drawings, on-site photographs, and historical documents to explore the making of a global architectural icon. Bertrand Lemon —e Eiffel Tower — softcover, 176 pages, TASCHEN ( Kishin Shinoyama's widely unseen portraits of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, taken at the request of Ono for the cover of the couple's 1980 album Double Fantasy, are the focus of this limited edition tome. Each of the 1,980 copies are signed by Ono and Shinoyama. Kishin Shinoyama — John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy — clothbound hardcover in a clamshell box, 174 pages, TASCHEN (

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