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JUL-AUG 2018

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While some designers dictate style to their clients, and insist on imposing their creative vision, regardless of the client's personal taste or existing collections, the Lantz approach has always been sympathetic and cooperative. "ey keep me from making a mistake, but they do not tell me what to do," says the wife. "ey are two dear friends who never try to impose their own taste, and we have almost never had to throw anything out." Not wishing their designs to resemble decorator show homes, the Lantz team works to incorporate as much from the owners' lives as possible, so the design ends up as a reflection of the clients' personal style, not that of the designer. Layered with paintings and sculptures from artists both locally and nationally recognized, the home offers many options for their display. The sitting room, a comfortable, semi-casual space with a piano and deep sofas, features a gallery wall with works by Jason Myers and Amy Kirchner, amongst others. A bust on top of the armoire resembles a classical Roman sculpture, but was in fact unearthed by Barry on one of his trips to San Francisco. "ey didn't have any busts for sale in Italy," he jokes. In the formal dining room, a pastoral trompe-l'oeil mural by Blice Edwards adorns all four walls. Depicting an idyllic scene that appears to be either Normandy or North Yorkshire, it casts a tranquil yet subtly mysterious spell over the room. In the hallway, a stunning and physically imposing sculpture somewhat reminiscent of Giacometti is by Tom Corbin of Kansas City, and occupies a niche that, although it might appear custom-built, was in fact an original design element in the house. The two matching chandeliers in the hallway are antique and were restored by Beauchamp Antiques in Westfield. "ese were very old and needed a lot of repair," recalls Amanda. 70

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