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JUL-AUG 2018

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Off the master bedroom, the bathroom and dressing area conveys the impression of a hall of mirrors, receding into the distance, and is accentuated by the striking wallpaper by British designer Nina Campbell. Going by the name of Keightley's Folio, this unique paper features repeated vignettes of seascapes, its ethereal shades evoking mid-19th century Romanticism and tying the entire suite together. Off the kitchen, the great room, with its neo-Gothic hammer beam trusses, Norman fireplace and floor-to-ceiling paneling, suggests European designs of a bygone era. All these features combine to create, if not exactly a unified style, then a mood and an evocation of an imprecise time and place. Discreetly dotted about the home, one will also find original works of art by Barry Lantz himself. Having turned to painting in 2010 as an extension of his design work, Lantz has now placed over 200 pieces into private collections. Reminiscent of the landscapes of Turner and Constable, with the occasional reference to Mark Rothko, Lantz's work is both visceral and evocative. Available for sale at Baker Furniture Showrooms around the country, paintings by this in-demand artist may also be commissioned by special arrangement. sl 75

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