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JUL-AUG 2018

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Tall and lean, instantly recognizable in his trademark jeans and cowboy hat and constantly in motion, Musk, pictured on facing page, projects the image of a restless pioneer for whom the stars are, quite literally, the limit. Not satisfied with merely serving great fresh food in their restaurants, Musk and Matheson in 2011 founded Big Green, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching school children how to grow their own vegetables. By the end of this year, there will be an estimated 100 learning gardens in Indianapolis schools alone, with more planned for other Indiana districts down the road. "Eventually we will reach every kid in all 100,000 schools in America," Musk said in a recent statement. "Because every child deserves to thrive in healthy environments that connect them to real food." Musk also sees the popularity of farmers' markets as a step towards promoting good local food to the less fortunate. "e wealthier clientele helps enable the young farmers to exist, and eventually the food will become less expensive," he explains. "I believe that indoor farming also will represent a huge part of the future, because transporting food around the world is just crazy. It's expensive, bad for the environment and it doesn't taste good." 83

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