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We made the most of less strenuous athletic opportunities, as well. Jen, the kids and I enjoyed games of ping pong at the outdoor table each morning on our way down to the beach. As a tennis player, it was comfortably within my bailiwick. We kayaked, jet skied and parasailed, then relaxed on the beach under umbrellas, where attendants will set you up for the day. We also swam in the pools, sat in the hot tubs, and enjoyed the spa. Jen had a warm stone massage, and I took advantage of the golfer's relief, which may not have done much for my form, but certainly helped with the muscle aches. With the exception of a brief foray into Naples to take in some of the local scenery, we dined exclusively at the resort, where, between the restaurants, Club Lounge and room service, we were spoilt for choice. We're all particularly partial to Italian food, so we gravitated to Terrazza, a Mediterranean-inspired trattoria with gorgeous views of the gardens and the ocean beyond. I especially enjoyed the branzino, while Jen was impressed by the filet, and our kids indulged in some outstanding housemade pasta dishes. In the mornings, we took advantage of various services, both in the Club and at the Gourmet Shop, which offers great coffee and a variety of breakfast items. Before dinner, we always made sure to watch the sunset from our balcony, cocktails in hand. If it sounds like the four of us enjoyed a wonderful stay, we did. What makes Ritz-Carlton in general and their Naples beach and golf resorts in particular so special is the outstanding staff. Many of those we met have worked at the beachfront hotel for 20 or 30 years, and are as much a part of the establishment as the buildings themselves. By the time our spring break was over, we were refreshed and ready to return home. To heck with crowded airports. sl For more information, visit 93

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